Okay, let’s get real… In this day and age, everyone is lurking on some form of social media. Advertising has moved away from traditional media and into the digital realm. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms to date. Owned by Facebook, this visual platform has over 300 million daily active users! So why not use Instagram as a way to get clients, advertise your listings and promote your brand?


Here are the top 5 reasons why we think every realtor should be on Instagram:

1)    It’s Visual

Instagram is the number one social media platform for posting photos. Since photographs are a significant means for realtors to sell homes, why not use Instagram to promote your listings? Instagram allows you to post as many images as you’d like. You can create beautiful feeds by posting your best photographs and posting some of your best listings! Here are some our favourite realtor Instagram feeds to give you an idea:

Instagram Account |  Sotheby's Instagram | YYC Luxury Homes Instagram


2)    Get Bang for Your Buck

Did we mention that Instagram is free? That’s right, social media marketing is a great tool for reaching potential clients for free! There is no sign-up fees, no fees for posting, and minimal fees for paid advertising.


3)    Target Your Clients

Like Facebook, Instagram allows you to target your demographic and publish ads, allowing you to reach clients. You can also reach clients by following accounts that fall within your demographic. This tactic, allows you to connect with future homebuyers and create a sales funnel.

Another great way Instagram can help you reach potential customers is by using relevant hashtags that your prospects follow. This way, your target demographic can search up hashtags that lead them to your account. Some great hashtags include: #yyclistings, #yychomes, #realtors, #homesforsale .


4)    Location! Location! Location!

Instagram allows you to Geotag your posts. All this means, is that you can tag the location of the image you posted so that your customers know where the home is located.


5)    Create Conversations

Instagram is the number one platform for engagement. We love creating conversations on Instagram. Writing compelling captions that engage prospects, is a great way to answer any questions your followers have. Conversations also establish your credibility and your expertise in the industry.

Not convinced? Sign up for a free creative consultation if you’d like more information on how social media can help you sell homes!